CJK Group Expands the Sheridan Brand to Encompass All CJK Group Company Print Facilities

July 22, 2021

Brainerd, MN  – CJK Group, Inc. has announced that it has rebranded three of its print facilities as Sheridan sites. Bang Printing is now Sheridan Minnesota, Hess Print Solutions is now Sheridan Ohio, and Webcrafters Inc. is now Sheridan Wisconsin. 

With this rebranding, Sheridan now maintains eight printing locations in the US; the existing five being Sheridan Michigan, Sheridan Grand Rapids, Sheridan Kentucky, Sheridan New Hampshire, and Sheridan Pennsylvania. CJK Group Inc. is also parent company to KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd., a full-scale content services organization with locations in the US, India, and the UK. 

Uniting all print facilities under one name and a centralized management structure affords all Sheridan print customers more flexibility, increased capacity, and a wide array of publishing services. The markets Sheridan serves include book, journal, magazine, catalog, and commercial print.

Said Paul Bozuwa, President of Sheridan, “We are excited to see the Sheridan brand become the unifying element for all of our print facilities, today and into the future. While we’ve enjoyed internal synergies in processes, structures, and core values among all CJK Group facilities, the adoption of Sheridan as company name for all print sites signifies an outward unification to the marketplace, underpinned by the Sheridan promise of exceptional service and the highest quality print products.” 

Chris Kurtzman, founder and CEO of CJK Group Inc. further commented: “The Sheridan brand has always been synonymous with gold standard service and quality in all of the markets we serve. That reputation certainly befits our sites in Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin—now the latest additions to the Sheridan family of printing facilities.” 

CJK Group Inc. represents one of the largest printing and publishing services organizations in the country, continuing to grow both organically and through acquisitions. At the core of the CJK Group strategy is investment in employees, equipment, technologies, and thoughtful acquisitions that mirror the same principles and values that all CJK Group companies possess. 

About CJK Group, Inc. 

Headquartered in Brainerd, MN, CJK Group, Inc. is an international portfolio of print and publishing service companies, with a wide array of solutions from full-service book, magazine, journal, catalog, and commercial print to content services such as composition, editorial, eLearning platforms, and online hosting. 

CJK Group’s Sheridan print facilities are located in Brainerd, MN, Brimfield, OH, Chelsea, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Hanover, NH, Hanover, PA, Madison, WI, and Versailles, KY. CJK Group’s KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. content service facilities are located in Boston, MA, Richmond, VA, and Waterbury, VT in the US; Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, and Noida in India; and London in the United Kingdom. For more information, visit