KGL Content Services

Sheridan’s sister company, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. (KGL), provides editorial, production, online hosting, management consulting, and transformative solutions for every stage of the content lifecycle.

For every stage of the content life cycle.

KGL provides specialized content services and innovative technology solutions that drive revenue growth, streamline operations, and ensure editorial excellence. We serve the journal, education publishing, trade, magazine, and eLearning markets from content creation through delivery of print and digital products. With over 200 years of experience serving the publishing market, KGL is powered by state-of-the-art solutions and trusted names like KGL Consulting, KnowledgeWorks Global Learning, Smart Suite® and PubFactory.


Rapid Publication for Scholarly Research

Let our editorial and production specialists take your manuscript from acceptance to XML with record-setting speed. Combining onshore management with offshore efficiency, we expedite your workflow through peer review, content preparation, digital and print delivery. Discover how intelligent automation can boost the immediacy of science.


End-to-End Product Development

From conceptualization through final publication, our editorial, art and design, technology, and production staff provide the utmost level of support and become an extension of your team. Explore the high-quality content and graphics we produce for education publishers, international markets, print, digital, and more.

Magazines, Catalogs, and Directories

Full-Service Creative and Production

We’ve been providing creative, layout, workflow, and conversion services for print and digital publications for decades. Let us help you navigate the rapidly-changing media landscape and deliver your magazine, catalog, or directory in print, PDF, ePub, or a beautiful, responsive digital edition.


Creating and Transforming Accessible Content

KGL is a champion of digital equality. Creating content that is “born accessible” opens new opportunities to expand the reach of your publishing program beyond the page and screen. We provide accessibility testing and compliance services from Section 508 and WCAG to semantic structuring and alt-text.

KGL Consulting

Publishing and Management Consultancy

KGL operates the largest publishing consultancy, with the breadth and depth necessary to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the scholarly publishing community. Discover opportunities, drive innovation, develop solutions, and deliver success.

KGL PubFactory

Integrated Content Hosting

Since the launch of the PubFactory platform in 2010, it’s been content-agnostic, and a home to valuable publications across the STM and HSS subject areas including journals, books, databases, and videos. Learn more about flexible, configurable, and scalable online hosting for scholarly publishers.

KnowledgeWorks Global Learning

eLearning that Inspires

Employing a team of digital learning experts with deep experience in instructional systems and visual and technical design, we create curriculum-aligned rich media solutions that turn your vision into engaging and effective learning. See how we produce and deliver learner-centric immersive experiences.