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Sheridan employees may access different resources through this page. Click the links below for more information.

Sheridan has been awarded the Best Workplace and Safety Shield designation in the 2020 Best Workplace in the Americas (BWA) awards competition. The BWA awards, presented by Printing Industries of America (PIA), are awarded annually to only those companies meeting rigorous standards in human resources practices and that create the best environments for their employees. PIA is the largest graphic arts trade association, representing an industry with approximately one million employees and serving the interests of thousands of member companies through advocacy, education, research, technical information.

The BWA designation recognizes exemplary human resources practices that create an outstanding workplace. It also demonstrates the significant commitment that Sheridan has made to its employees by investing in their work environment, their personal goals, and training, and recognizes that an exceptional workplace also serves the needs of the company.

Sheridan Academy

A career at Sheridan is so much more than just a job. We bring on the best and the brightest, and from the onset our mission is to ensure a rich and successful journey for every employee. That’s where Sheridan Academy comes in.

Sheridan Academy is a professional career program that invests in YOU. We are committed to developing every employee to their greatest potential. Whether you pursue the path of an expert, a leader, or cross train in several areas of the business, Sheridan Academy provides on-the-job training with experts in the area(s) you choose. With each step you complete, you excel – gaining proficiency, recognition, and achievement.

Sheridan Academy is all about YOUR Success.