Case Studies

Three Weeks to Automated Print on Demand

Situation (Challenge)

Publishing directories for over 1,000 cities across the United States, and with a small team in place, it is essential for InfoGroup to have a partner they can rely on to make their file submission and print production workflows run smoothly and ensure the end product is delivered on time.

Frustrated by the performance of their current vendor, InfoGroup sought a partner that could provide them with what they desired: a true print-on-demand (POD) solution that automates the file submission and order processes and allows order progress to be tracked online. Most of all, they needed a partner who could not only complete the initial integration and setup quickly, but could also process files and fulfill orders in days.


InfoGroup partnered with Sheridan and its SelectTM central product management system to establish an automated workflow between the two companies to handle the content submission, order and production process, and notifications for each order.

With SelectTM as the foundation, files are sent from InfoGroup’s system via an XML data feed to Sheridan, where they are processed and loaded into the Select Electronic Warehouse touch free. When the file is ready for ordering, data signals automatically alert InfoGroup. InfoGroup then releases the order and Sheridan prints, binds, and ships it within days. During that time, Sheridan provides an automated order acknowledgement and shipping notifications back to InfoGroup.


The efficient and responsive teamwork between Sheridan and InfoGroup allowed the initial setup of systems and processes to be completed in mere weeks. Since the migration of their POD program to Select, InfoGroup has enjoyed a true on-demand print model with 500 new titles and 600 orders being processed each month. With an average order quantity of less than two, the turnaround time of InfoGroup’s orders processed through Select is typically three business days. The consistency and reliability of Sheridan’s production and delivery times has eliminated the extra follow-up actions required by InfoGroup’s staff. The staff have also experienced a significant reduction in manual intervention thanks to the data-driven intake and response process, which ultimately saves them time and resources. In addition, InfoGroup’s customer service and sales teams now have the ability to monitor order status and confirm shipment tracking details online at any time using Select’s central order dashboard.

“We are very pleased with the quickness Sheridan took over our production as well as the quality of the product they are producing for us,” remarked Mike Snyder, General Manager at InfoGroup. “The staff is quick to respond, and provides great suggestions to keep the process smooth and the costs in line.”

Products and Services Used

  • SelectTM
  • Select Electronic Warehouse
  • Sheridan Print

Company Profile

About InfoGroup

InfoGroup, a leading provider of data and data-driven marketing solutions, is home to two of the industry’s most robust business and consumer databases. Trust: With over 45 years of crafting solutions, that in turn, help build lasting relationships with businesses large and small, InfoGroup’s proprietary databases are world-class in quality and accuracy. Transparency: InfoGroup’s cloud-based Data Axle® technology allows for real-time updates to business and consumer data files. Tenacity: InfoGroup doesn’t rest until they know it is right. That’s why InfoGroup insists on making more than 24 million verification calls per year and have over 300 technicians dedicated to assembling data to collectively capture, validate, and enhance.


About Sheridan

Sheridan is a leading provider of print, publishing services, and technology solutions to publishers, associations, university presses, and catalogers. A division of CJK Group, Inc., Sheridan has nine U.S.-based production facilities; each location has a market specialty that supports books, scholarly journals, reprints, magazines, or catalogs.