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CJK Acquires New Facility, Expands Print Capabilities — and It Couldn’t Come at a Better Time

Traditionally known as a printer of scholarly and educational works, recent acquisitions, expansions, and equipment installations at Sheridan have opened new doors for publishers, both in print options and capacity.

CJK Group expands book manufacturing capabilities and markets

In July, Sheridan’s parent company, CJK Group, Inc., purchased a book manufacturing plant from Quad/Graphics located in Versailles, KY. Renamed Sheridan Kentucky, the 1 million sq. ft. facility, one of the largest book manufacturing plants in the country, specializes in the production of softcover and hardcover books as well as a variety of other publication types. One of the most significant aspects of the acquisition is the ability to expand into the trade market, producing blockbuster hits and bestsellers. This offers a great opportunity to address the recent surge in book sales due, in large part, to the COVID-19 pandemic. The acquisition increases CJK Group’s and Sheridan’s book production platform at a time when publishers are seeking strong, stable suppliers who have a long-term commitment to this market.

In addition to the Versailles, KY facility, Sheridan has two other facilities that focus on book production. Sheridan’s Grand Rapids, MI facility specializes in printing on lightweight text stocks, small trim sizes, and high page counts. In 2019, a new perfect binding line and two presses — a Timsons T-48 ZMR UV web press and a single-color Timsons T-32 web press — were installed, enabling us to print two-color work in sizes ranging from 3.5” x 5.5” to 8.5” x 11”, strengthening Sheridan’s position in academic and medical book publishing.

Rounding out the trio, Sheridan’s Chelsea, MI facility undertook a 25,000 square foot expansion in late 2018, making room for two perfect binders, a case binder, and additional equipment. Most recently, we installed a new 5-color cover press, bringing with it the ability to offer UV coating, in-house.

With these changes, and multiple locations to serve you, we’re confident we can help you navigate the challenging publishing waters of today — and tomorrow.

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