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Innovation or Integration: Tools for All Aspects of the Publishing Workflow

The Sheridan Technology Team identifies new ways to leverage technology across the publishing workflow. Comprising systems architects, engineers, analysts, product and project managers, as well as other subject matter experts, these specialists collaborate with customers and industry leaders to build stand-alone systems or integrate software services with other publishing technologies. Our solutions and workflows streamline cumbersome processes, reduce publisher costs, and may increase publisher revenue. A few examples:

  • Sheridan Connect™ and Publisher Connect™ are preferred eCommerce solutions that allow book and journal publishers to sell directly to their consumers.
  • Sheridan’s HTML5 digital editions are the answer for publishers looking to reach audiences using mobile devices.
  • Sheridan Select™ is a proprietary single-point-of-entry order management system that facilitates original print, print-on-demand, and distributed print orders in web, offset, and digital print formats.

As the complexity of print and technology increases, rest assured that Sheridan will continue to expand our ability to serve our publishing customers’ needs.