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Subscriber Services—lightening the manual load.

Subscriber management can be a highly manual process for most publishers, from generating labels and dealing with postal processes to managing subscriber databases and issuing renewal notices, not to mention handling fulfillment and payments.

Offloading just one piece of the process could represent a major efficiency improvement for most publications publishers. Sheridan’s experts can handle every aspect of subscriber management:

  • Postal presort and USPS certification
  • Mail label generation
  • Subscriber database file conversions
  • Address auto-correction, standardization
  • List maintenance
  • Back issue processing
  • Claims
  • Correspondence
  • Database reporting
  • Credit card processing
  • Online payment capture
  • Personalized customer service

Our comprehensive Subscriber Service is not an all-or-nothing solution. We’ll work with you to take on the parts you want to offload, and provide a solution that fits.