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Sheridan Connect—fully hosted, branded eCommerce platform.

Sheridan Connect provides the tools to sell electronic and print content through a single shopping cart solution to your consumers. Sheridan Connect’s primary function is to catalog your available book and journal anthology products and offer them for sale in multiple formats such as eBooks, softcover, and hardcover. Consumers access your Sheridan Connect eCommerce site via a link from your website. We’ll host your eCommerce site and manage the shopping cart experience and payment processing.

eBook orders are made available to the consumer immediately for download. Print orders can either be fulfilled from a traditional warehouse (yours or ours) or produced on-demand and shipped directly to the consumer. Each month we send you a sales report and a check for your sales. If you prefer, you can handle the payment processing.

Optional Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology ensures your downloadable eBooks are accessible to authorized users only. If you need protection with more flexibility, online reading (an alternative to DRM) offers enhanced study tools—such as flashcard and study guide creation—along with the ability to restrict printing or make content available for reading offline.

If you are looking to add eBook and/or print sales to your website and already have an established eCommerce solution, check out our Publisher Connect option.