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SECUREVID™ branded secure videos—high value, secure video for targeted audiences.

Video abstracts, instructive videos, and video tutorials are rapidly gaining acceptance as highly effective platforms to reach vital target audiences in fields such as medical, pharmaceutical, and education. When content carries value, it’s important to protect and secure that content.

Until now, journal publishers haven’t had a way of distributing stand-alone video content securely. Sheridan’s digital rights management (DRM) technology and proprietary cloud environment is changing that.

Introducing SecureVid™, Sheridan’s solution to host, distribute and manage secure, branded video files for publishers. The principle is based on that of Sheridan’s industry-leading M3™ Mobile ePrints, article ePrints delivered in a secure DRM environment that the publisher establishes based on desired access settings.

The process is easy with Sheridan. Simply upload your mp4 video(s) through our secure FTP portal and provide your branding requirements and security/viewing selections. Sheridan will upload your video to the cloud, brand it, and add descriptions and the viewing settings that you choose. We deliver your SecureVid™ link, and host and maintain it for the agreed upon timeframe.