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Print-on-demand efficiency—click, upload, order, print.

Printing only what you need when you need it adds up to time and cost savings—without compromising on quality. Our print-on-demand (POD) production is agile, as we can store your initial print PDF files, providing immediate automated access to the print files needed to fulfill POD orders down to a single copy.

Sheridan POD also makes creating custom compilations and special issues possible. Your dedicated Sheridan publisher portal, Sheridan Select™, gives you the power with a few simple keystrokes. Already published titles and first printings are a perfect fit too, using Sheridan Select’s data-driven ordering.

Why Sheridan POD?

  • Increase your speed to market—respond quickly to satisfy market demands.
  • Free up cash flow by ordering smaller quantities.
  • Reduce or eliminate back issue warehousing.
  • Support a book or journal’s entire print lifecycle—no issue out of print.
  • Realize creative business model flexibility—sell first, print second.
  • Streamline your reprint ordering process and minimize ordering costs.
  • Harvest backlist titles to capture revenue that might otherwise be lost.