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M3™ Mobile ePrints—not your typical article ePrint.

Sheridan was literally at the forefront of the transition from printed article reprints to online article ePrints, developing new technologies and proprietary reprint solutions viewed today as the gold standard for secure article ePrints.

Sheridan’s proprietary M3™ Mobile ePrints are unlike any other online article delivery product. Powered by our exclusive M3 Monitoring System, M3 Mobile ePrints provide a more user-friendly, mobile-ready, social sharing environment for journals. Our two formats offer audio/video active viewer embedding among many other features, such as:

  • Publisher-branded delivery emails
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile device access
  • Time and usage monitoring
  • Renewal and expiration email notifications
  • Publisher reporting portal
  • Renewal options

Usage data can now be drilled down to identify time stamps, user IP address, ePrint ID, viewing devices, browsers, countries, and referrer information—all accessible through a dedicated publisher dashboard. This secure portal lets publishers run all reports, including a listing of ePrints about to expire. You can even send reports directly to your clients.