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Print Globally… Where it Makes Sense for Your Audience, the Environment, and You.

Why print all your US, UK, EU, and ROW issues stateside, and incur the time (and in many cases, great expense) to ship your non-US copies to their intended delivery destination? There is an easier and much more environmentally sound way.

Sheridan’s industry-leading POD offering, powered by our Sheridan Select™ automated content management system, has achieved a new level of flexibility and efficiency to help you deliver your content around the globe – smartly, sustainably, and cost-efficiently.

Eliminate the frustration your content recipients experience while waiting weeks for cargo ships to deliver the anticipated publications, not to mention the delays incurred as the delivery navigates customs.

Print closer to your intended audiences where it makes sense, and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your content.

Distribution costs can overwhelm your ROI when you’re dealing with international shipments – cargo ships, planes, trains, customs… it all adds up and negatively impacts your bottom line.

Fully Automated. Globally Targeted
Sheridan not only has the solution but, likely, you’re already familiar with and/or utilizing it, via our ground-breaking automated content management system, Sheridan Select™. Print-on-demand takes on a new meaning with our Global Distribute & Print offering.

Utilize the power of Select™ to direct print orders as close as possible to their destination – down to a single copy, or up to hundreds. What could be easier? Select™ is your entrée to a single content repository, single order integration, a single invoice, and a single point of contact.

Global Partners. Exacting Standards.
Sheridan has partnered with CPI, the leading print resource in Europe and the United Kingdom, known for exacting digital print standards when producing books and publications for the world. Select’s rules of automation determine the best path for the job – CPI UK ably produces work destined for the UK. CPI Germany handles work with European distribution. Work intended for North American and ROW (rest-of-world) distribution will be produced in Sheridan’s premier digital print facility in Pennsylvania. And Sheridan continues to seek out other global partners who meet our superior standards.

As always, Sheridan’s overarching goal is our clients’ success; it’s how we remain relevant. Our Global Distribute and Print offering is another example of working to develop and deliver smart solutions for you and your stakeholders.