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Digital Editions—experience the HTML5 difference, now mobile.

Digital Editions are the cornerstone of interactive online content; the conventional way to convert print publication PDFs into digital counterparts, whether for magazines or journals. Sheridan’s Digital Editions take convention a step further with feature-rich HTML5 viewing that allows for a superior reader experience regardless of whether you’re viewing a magazine on a desktop or a mobile device.

And now Sheridan’s digital editions can be fully viewed on any mobile device. Optimized content distribution creates a more responsive, interactive experience no matter where they’re viewed. Simply upload your PDF file and add rich media to create something engaging.

Scrollable navigation through the Launchpad offers toggle options between page view (single and two-page) and content view. Reflowable article text-only view means articles are easily read on mobile devices, as plain text or with text formatting and images. Readers can share articles on social media, add sticky notes to content, and even save the full edition as a PDF.

Sheridan’s digital editions include keyword search and search engine optimization. Secure, archived issues are also fully searchable. Video and audio features include embedded video and audio, streaming video and audio, RSS feeds and HTML5 animation.

Features like advertiser view (a thumbnail page of all ads, listed alphabetically), banner ads with active links, and additional information roll-overs make these digital editions popular with advertisers and sponsors. Interstitial pages, tall and small pages, as well as presentation pages, are also great value-add options for advertisers.

With Sheridan’s digital editions, you’re in control. Set up access credentials to capture reader information, protect your content, or offer as an eCommerce purchase. Utilize the push notification option to send alerts and messages to your subscribers.