Sheridan Select’s Newest Feature Simplifies Book Collection Orders for Print on Demand


Hanover, PA—Sheridan is excited to announce a new feature enhancement to Sheridan SelectTM, offering publishers multi-volume set support for print-on-demand books.

Sheridan Select has been simplifying publishers’ production workflows for over a decade, be it through fully-automated data integration, or a simple, easy-to-use web portal to upload files and place orders. This new feature enhancement gives publishers the ability to identify, upload, store, order, and print sets or collections comprised of multiple products with ease.

This feature is available in both the fully automated and self-service models of Sheridan Select for print-on-demand books. It supports member products (i.e., child ISBNs) to be ordered independently, or as part of a collection (i.e., parent ISBNs). If desired, the ability to turn on or off member product independence is also available. For example, “If a set is defined as volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3, Sheridan Select has the ability to control whether each individual volume can be ordered by itself or not as defined by the publisher,” comments Eric Biggins, Sheridan’s Director of Customer Technology. “The rollout of this latest feature is just one more way that Sheridan continues to streamline publishers’ workflows and bring efficiencies to their businesses.”

“Having experienced great success using Sheridan Select for single-volume titles, we were pleased when we learned that Sheridan was developing support for multi-volume sets in the Sheridan Select POD program,” remarks Paul Pressau, Production Manager at SAGE Publishing. “Last year we were in search of a new POD supplier that offered this support, and having since enrolled dozens of sets into Sheridan Select, we appreciate the added efficiency and easy-to-learn approach for fulfilling customer orders for multi-volume sets as well as single titles.”

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