Sheridan Invests in its Employees and their Growth with the Launch of Sheridan Academy

Sheridan is excited to announce the development and implementation of Sheridan Academy, a proprietary training program structured to support and sustain the continuous learning and performance improvement of the next generation of workers. 

Sheridan Academy provides senior level employees the opportunity to impart their knowledge, wisdom, and best practices – via a comprehensive standardized training program – to those that have a desire to grow their career with Sheridan. It is not just for new hires. Once fully developed, Sheridan Academy will outline both vertical and horizontal career development paths for operators, staff, and leadership, so that employees can grow their skills in multiple areas of the business. 

“At a time when the manufacturing industry is becoming smaller and hiring experienced skilled workers is increasingly more difficult, investing in employee growth and development is more important than ever,” remarks Joe Dunlap, Sheridan’s Director of Training and Development. With over 20 years training and development experience, Joe has developed Sheridan Academy from the ground up – working with employees and Sheridan leadership to define occupational roles, expected competencies, and performance measures for various career paths. “Currently the focus is on developing and implementing training plans and career paths for manufacturing positions,” comments Joe. “It is my hope that through Sheridan Academy, we will be able to show any employee what the various career paths look like at each of our plants, and how they can advance in their career – or cross-train into another – and the estimated timelines to do so.” 

“Sheridan is committed to developing every employee to their greatest potential,” comments Paul Bozuwa, Sheridan’s President. “Sheridan Academy is key to our future success – the program empowers employees, and builds a strong foundation for continued growth.”