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Chelsea, MI – Sheridan Books, Inc. (SBI), a leading book manufacturer, has been qualified as a G7® Master Printer by IDEAlliance.  The G7 Master Printer status ensures that SBI has the knowledge and skill to produce proofs and printed material that conform to G7 specifications.

Sheridan Books obtained the G7 Master Printer status by calibrating its equipment and systems to simulate the G7 grayscale definition. The G7 neutral print density curve, calibration methodology, and gray balance definition is the same for any technology, substrate, or colorant.  SBI can match proofs and previous printed material from around the world that were also produced using the guidelines of the G7 methodology.

Implementing the G7 methodology can dramatically improve print quality and consistency.  Many customers are now requiring G7 from their printers because it ensures the same gray balance and neutral tonality across all printed materials for repeatable color appearance.  G7 allows SBI to meet those customers’ expectations by providing matching proofs and prints to the latest color industry standards.

“The G7 Master Printer status demonstrates how SBI is committed to providing our customers with reliable and consistent color throughout our entire offset printing process and from one title to the next, that is in compliance with international ISO standards” states Tim Cotter, Vice President of Operations at Sheridan Books.


About Sheridan Books, Inc.
Located in Chelsea, MI, Sheridan Books, Inc. is a leading book manufacturer providing publishers complete book manufacturing services.  Sheridan Books provides sheet-fed and web offset printing, digital on-demand printing, and eBook conversion and distribution product offerings.  Sheridan Books is one of six Sheridan Group companies providing print, publishing services, and technology solutions to the publishing industry. (Hunt Valley, MD). www.sheridan.com

About IDEAlliance
IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) is a not-for-profit membership organization. IDEAlliance advances core technology to develop standards and best practices to enhance efficiency and speed information across the end-to-end digital media supply chain – creation, production, management, and delivery of knowledge-based multimedia content – digitally and in print. www.idealliance.org