The Chicago Manual of Style Taps Sheridan Senior Copyediting Coordinator for Advisory Board


Hunt Valley, MD—Sheridan Senior Copyediting Coordinator, Peter J. Olson, served as an Advisory Board member of the 17th Edition of The Chicago Manual of Style, which was released earlier this year.

Olson’s invitation to participate in this multi-year endeavor is summarized in the manual’s Acknowledgments statement: “The Chicago Manual of Style strives to codify the best practices of an institution and an industry. It thus requires the participation of many hands and many voices if it is to succeed. This edition has benefited from the carefully crafted recommendations—some sweeping, some minor, and all essential—of a host of publishing professionals…. A preliminary outline as well as the entire penultimate draft of the manuscript was shaped by the guidance of an advisory board representing various communities of readers…”

Sheridan is exceedingly proud of Olson’s contribution to this venerable style, usage, and grammar guide. His involvement stands as a testament to his experience and skill, as well as Sheridan’s commitment to the highest standards in editorial services.

Peter Olson has been supporting Sheridan’s copyediting services, on behalf of many of the most prestigious titles in the STM journal marketplace, since 1996. He works at Sheridan’s Waterbury, Vermont, Sheridan Journal Services site.

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