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Specialty Add-Ons

Belly Bands, Gate Folds, & Inserts = Advertiser Love!

Idea Book

Advertisers love new ways to attract and keep the attention of their audience. Sheridan’s specialty add-on print treatments do just that. We’re talking money-making vehicles that please readers, advertisers, and ultimately you, the publisher.

Grab Readers with Belly Bands

A belly band is a terrific way to get the advertiser’s message in front of readers—literally, since it’s the first thing they see and they have to remove it to open the magazine. Belly bands make great teasers to point readers to content within.

Wrap It

Cover wraps are stapled to, and partially wrap around, your publication’s cover. Perfect for late-breaking information such as upcoming events, they typically cover about ½ of the vertical image on both the front and back cover. Mimic or riff on the cover design for a seamless look, or use the cover wrap to creatively signify a regional version of your magazine!

Eight-Page Barrel Fold

Have a lot to say? Use the eight-page barrel fold to deliver your message in multiple unfolding panels. Create interest, suspense, and a pay-off, all paced within the clever eight-page barrel fold.

Bind It In So Readers Can Tear It Out

If content has staying power, it will be extracted from the magazine and saved. Make it easy on readers by creating an insert that’s perforated and/or 3-hole punched. Better yet, talk to your advertisers or content contributors about a series of such inserts—now that’s staying power!

The Mystique of the Gate Fold

Who can resist the gate fold ad? Whether designed with panels folding out to the right or left, or as a French Gate—the print masterpiece with flaps that meet in the middle—it invites readers to peek inside for the reveal.

Tip-On Posters

Encourage your advertisers to go big. A bold, beautiful, folded, tipped-on poster gets noticed. And usually ends up on the reader’s office wall. We have a variety of papers and coating options that will make your poster pop!

Great revenue-generating ideas, but how to present them to your clients?

Good news! Sheridan has a beautifully produced Idea Book that your sales team will LOVE. Within its pages, the ideas come to life and practically sell themselves to your advertisers. Just call or email your sales rep to get a copy—or twenty!