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Article Reprints and Offprints

Don’t Miss Out on Article Reprint Revenue

Sheridan has been in the reprint business for decades. In fact, we literally shaped the future of what was once a little-known offering: electronic reprints.

We have developed technology, created proprietary reprint solutions, and introduced new ways for publishers to generate reprint revenue.

Sheridan offers traditional reprints with specially designed covers, and our own M3 Mobile ePrints—user-friendly electronic reprints for viewing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Reprint Programs That Work for YOU

We offer a variety of programs—from responsive to proactive sales—and give our customers new ways to create and market their most valuable and popular articles.

And we don’t stop there. We help with proof approval, production tracking, and report generation.

Helping You Grow

But perhaps it is through our signature Content Sales and Marketing Services division that we help you shine the brightest. It is here that our highly trained professionals review your content, offer astute counsel on the marketability of your content, and actively solicit article reprint and ePrints on your behalf.

We’re YOUR team—creating new ways to extend the life of your valuable content.

Let us help you shine.