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M3 Mobile ePrints

M3 Mobile: Not Your Basic Article ePrint

Our proprietary Sheridan M3 Mobile system provides a more user-friendly, mobile-ready, social sharing environment. And, unlike other typical .exe formatted ePrints, M3 Mobile is not hampered by firewalls, and won’t be caught in anti-virus software or violate end-user privacy.

Control & Flexibility

The Sheridan M3 Monitoring system delivers and monitors articles for viewing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It handles

  • Publisher-branded delivery emails
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile device access
  • Time and usage monitoring
  • Renewal and expiration email notifications
  • Publisher reporting portal
  • Renewal options


Choose one of two formats for an optimal end-user experience based on your needs:

M3 Mobile PRO

M3 Mobile NAV

  • Responsive Design
  • Retains the format of the printed page
  • Web and email hot links
  • Scholarly article quick links
  • Print, share, and bookmark features
  • PDF and offline publication download
  • Audio/video active viewer embedding
  • Custom formatted for small devices
  • Simple text view with navigation
  • Web, email, and reference links
  • Print, email, and PDF download options
  • Audio/video active viewer embedding