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Knowing which trends to join and which to let go can be challenging. Some trends pass quickly, many for good reason, and others become classics for generations. Let’s look at two current trends in magazine publishing — micro magazines and influencer marketing — and discuss why you should absolutely jump on the bandwagon.

Micro magazines

There’s a good possibility you’ve not yet heard of micro magazines. And that’s because they’re, well, so micro. These tiny magazines — often just digital PDFs — target very particular groups of people. They’re for the hobbyists, the hyper focused — think millennials who became birdwatchers during the pandemic, GenZers interested in old-school video games, or cyclists who ride only vintage bicycles.

Micro magazines are a perfect example of how personalized, targeted content is becoming the gold standard of publishing. With tailored ads, music suggestions, and curated news feeds, readers expect their informational diet to subsist of topics specific to their wants, needs, and interests.

Of course, most traditional magazines are tailored toward a particular reader — one who loves to run, bake, or decorate, for example. But most magazines still have broader appeal and don’t focus on granular niche markets as micros do. This brings us to our next trend, influencer collaboration.

Influencer collaboration

Nearly every industry today tries to capitalize on the power of influencer marketing. One Instagram story can have more impact than a series of traditional advertisements. Why is this? Because the most potent form of marketing is organic and word-of-mouth. People love recommendations from people they trust. Influencers fit that role to a T.

Recently, many magazines have figured out how to best partner with influencers. By aligning a magazine with an influencer, you connect your brand to your readers’ distinct values, personalities, and identities. This both humanizes your magazine and incentivizes new readers to check it out.

But the trick is to find the right partnership. You’ll want to find an influencer who will build readers’ loyalty to your magazine. Otherwise, their followers will be attracted to your magazine only as long as the influencer is — as soon as the partnership ends, the followers’ interest ends too.

To integrate influencer collaboration into your long-term marketing strategy, once you’ve gained their followers’ interest, you need to keep them hooked so they stick around long after the influencer has moved on.

Why are these valuable trends?

At the heart of micro magazines and influencer marketing is building a genuine connection with your readership. Whether you start a couple of niche micro magazine offshoots or find the perfect influencer to hype up your latest issue, the work is not done. You must then find authentic ways to build sustainable relationships with your readers. That is a trend that will last.

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