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How To Be Better in 2022

Everybody was over 2021 by June of last year, so if you’re looking at the new year with hope, you’re not alone. Magazine publishers already faced new stressors from a rapidly changing industry. Add in fickle readers and an ongoing pandemic, and publishers had an interesting year. But things can be better in 2022.

Shift your thinking

You don’t have to do daily affirmations, but a shift in attitude and a positive mindset can’t hurt. This isn’t where we tell you to take up yoga, but we do suggest expanding your thought processes around everything you do. Rethink how you think about the most basic elements of your business from your audience to your communication channels and your bottom line. Like all workflows, patterns of emotional and critical thinking can wear a standardized pathway through your brain. In 2022, your goal should be to step out of that groove and look for new insight for conducting your business — and your life.

Step out of your comfort zone

When the world runs low on positivity, we cling to our routines for comfort. Many of us established new comfort zones during the pandemic. Falling back on the familiar ways of doing things is an understandable reaction to chaos. But 2022 could be your year for trying something new. Consider your current life as a baseline, and try filling your calendar with activities you haven’t considered before — or those you always wanted to try. Next, look to your business, and reconsider — or even challenge — every workflow and assumption. True innovation, in life and work, only happens when you step outside your comfort zone.

Make you your top priority

Truth: A better you is better for your business. So, consider these ideas for your calendar in 2022:

  • Make time to exercise every day even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • Create a meal plan for better eating to improve your health.
  • Develop a better sleep routine to help improve your mood.
  • Schedule a mental health day at least once a month.
  • Set aside time every day for one thing you enjoy.
  • Get counseling and professional guidance whenever necessary.

If this list leaves you rolling your eyes, you really need to follow these steps. Practicing self-care is essential to business and personal success. An while we can’t promise 2022 will be less stressful or frustrating than 2021, if you change your habits — and your perspective — it just might be.

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