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CJK Group Acquires The Sheridan Group

On April 3rd, 2017, The Sheridan Group announced that it was acquired by CJK Group, Inc., headquartered in Brainerd, MN. CJK Group, Inc. is the holding company for Bang Printing — a leading manufacturer of books, catalogs, publications, and fulfillment services located in Brainerd, MN, and Palmdale, CA. The CJK business portfolio also includes Hess Print Solutions of Brimfield, OH, Sentinel Printing Company of St. Cloud, MN, Victor Graphics of Baltimore, MD, and Sinclair Printing Company in Los Angeles, CA.

Sheridan and CJK Group complement each other nicely in terms of culture as well as geographic and market coverage. The acquisition allows the CJK Group to expand into the STM journal market, acquire Sheridan technology capabilities, and best practices across all the CJK Group companies.

Chris Kurtzman privately owns CJK Group, Inc. The Kurtzman family has owned and operated Bang Printing since 1980. Like Sheridan, the CJK Group has grown through acquisitions to become a thriving company in the ever-changing printing industry.

The ownership transaction took place April 3, 2017. As of that date, Sheridan CEO John Saxton Sheridan and CFO Grant Gooder left Sheridan and Kurtzman and CJK Group CFO Ben Matamalaki assumed their responsibilities. The Sheridan organization will otherwise remain as is, continuing to operate in the same manner as before.

The eventual sale of Sheridan was an anticipated outcome of its previous private equity ownership. Sheridan personnel are pleased to be brought into a family-owned enterprise whose employees share similar values and have deep experience working with publishers. The combined services and solutions this acquisition makes possible will provide Sheridan experts with opportunities to expand customer relationships.

Kurtzman says, “We are very excited about the transaction and its transformational effect on our organizations. Strategically, the combined platform is well-positioned to provide our clients with an array of unique products, services, and solutions. We’re equally excited to add Pat Stricker, Gary Kittredge, Paul Bozuwa, Dale Tepp, and Andrew Fawcett to our industry-leading management team. The combined entity with its national footprint will be one of the most diverse, technologically advanced, and customer-centric providers in the space.”

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