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If you’ve ever wondered if you could get more value out of your published content, wonder no more. (Re)consider Reprints!

Reprints and ePrints are a great way to create an additional revenue stream, yet – surprisingly – they are often overlooked by many magazine publishers. Did you know that Sheridan has a dedicated business unit, equipment, staff, and 20+ years of reprints experience? What’s more, the Sheridan Reprints service offerings are extremely comprehensive, touching on all aspects of article-based content dissemination, both electronically and in print.

Here are just a few of those services, designed to maximize your content exposure and make life easier for you:

Content Sales and Marketing / Commercial Reprints: How great would it be to have a dedicated content sales team, to analyze, market, and sell content on your behalf? Sheridan excels at this customized service, targeting specific buyers for your content via a proactive outbound sales effort.

Author Management Services/Author Reprints: The Author program lets authors place reprint orders directly to Sheridan, via a browser, without tying up your staff’s valuable time. Authors may order reprints or ePrints of articles through a Sheridan-hosted eCommerce site which bears the publisher’s branding. Sheridan manages all funds transactions on your behalf, delivering reports and monthly revenue to you!

Full suite of exclusive ePrint services: Need to deliver secure content through an eMarketing campaign? Looking for a way to monitor and control popular content through your website? Want to ensure content compatibility with as many mobile devices, applications and platforms as possible? How about secure document download and print options? Sheridan has the solutions and is happy to review your needs to help determine the best products to do the job.

More Benefits to Publishers
Sheridan helps you easily create new revenue opportunities from your existing content, without a lot of extra work for you:

  • custom compilations that target new audiences;
  • user-created custom content packages;
  • reduced inventory;
  • detailed reports that help you evaluate the validity of content and plan future issues.

If you’re ready to find new markets for existing content and discover hidden revenue streams, Sheridan Magazines and Sheridan Reprints offer a no-obligation analysis of your magazines and will suggest a reprint program that fits your needs using the variety of options available. What could be easier?