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How Could the Aluminum Tariff Impact Publishing Operations?

The aluminum tariff that went into place in June is impacting printing plate manufacturers and the printers who rely on them for these products. With limited U.S. resources, these manufacturers have no choice but to source high-grade aluminum from foreign suppliers and pay the taxes.

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The Art of the Enduring Magazine

As a marketer working for a magazine printing company with a venerable lineage that tracks back to 1793, I love a good magazine success story. Especially in this disruptive age of multitudinous...

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This Year, Niche Media will be Weird…

How do I know? Niche Media’s 10th annual conference will be held in Austin, TX, on April 4th through the 6th. Those in the know about Austin, know that it has a distinct “weirdness factor” to it,...

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