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Print on Demand

POD Efficiency: What You Need, When You Need It

Printing only what you need when you need it translates into time and cost savings. But at Sheridan, that’s not the only benefit. Our quality standard for ultra–short run and single-copy journal production is exceedingly high.

Sheridan’s print-on-demand production is versatile. We store your initial print PDF files, providing immediate automated access to the print files needed to fulfill POD orders down to a single copy. POD print outputs can be sheetfed, web, or toner-based. Sheridan POD also makes creating custom compilations and special issues possible. Your dedicated Sheridan publisher portal, Sheridan Select™, gives you the power with a few simple keystrokes.

First Printings through the Portal

Sheridan Select doesn’t just handle print on demand for already published titles. First printings are a perfect fit, too, using Sheridan Select’s data-driven ordering.

POD is smart on so many levels. Talk with us to learn more.

Watch this video of Sheridan’s newest HP Press.