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Production Workflows

Sheridan Select™ is Big. Our Central Product Management System is Evolutionary!

Imagine a single point of entry to order and manage all your journal and book needs. One copy, or thousands. Perfect-bound, saddle-stitched, or case-bound. A variety of print-on-demand options at your fingertips. A smart system that knows your systems and business rules to channel orders to appropriate locations. Incredible ease of order placement, production, distribution, tracking, and reporting. It’s Sheridan Select™.

Each need below is answered beautifully by Sheridan Select!

  • First Printings of Journals and Books
  • Global Distributed Print
  • Back Issue Management
  • Licensed Print Management
  • Zero Inventory Print-on-Demand
  • eCommerce Print
  • Print for Online-Only Titles

Sheridan Select is a true integrated system—with a future. As the complexity of print and electronic product management increases, Sheridan Select will continue to refine and expand its ability to serve all print production needs.

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