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Content Sales & Marketing

Focused on One Thing: Selling Your Content

We aren’t your typical content sales and marketing service. Sheridan Content Sales & Marketing Services is made up of talented team professionals wholly focused on growing sales for our publisher partners. From proactive sales services to print production and fulfillment, from license and permission management to author management services, we manage the distribution of content in any format, for any user, at any purchasing level. We are a comprehensive a la carte solution to meet every publisher need.

We start by providing outbound sales and marketing, a proactive effort conducted by our Editorial Reviewers and Content Sales Specialists to solicit sales from a targeted range of prospects throughout the world. Our teams of discerning professionals vet your content and actively market it to the right audience. We will help develop a market-driven pricing structure for your content based on marketability and act as your agent to sell, invoice, and collect—and provide you with monthly financial and sales activity statements along with a profit check.

We extend the reach of technology-based products. We use our Sheridan eContent suite of products to enrich content and add value to articles and supplemental data. Our eProducts ensure content delivery and maintain the value of your content by specifying exact usage parameters, such as number of users, opens/views, prints, and the length of time content is available. We deliver content via print, online, and to mobile devices.

Working with Sheridan Content Sales means getting the personal touch; you will have a dedicated Content Sales Specialist at your disposal, and extensive reporting on marketing efforts, sales activities, and industry news feeds—customizable to fit your needs.

Contact Sheridan Content Services today to learn more about our strategy for growing your reprint program!