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Marketing Services

Targeted Content Marketing & Sales—A Sheridan Specialty

Does your content have revenue potential beyond your distribution list? Let Sheridan do the legwork to find out. We provide professional content sales, copyright registration, and license and permission management services. Our Editorial Reviewers and Content Sales Specialists evaluate your content, and proactively solicit sales from a targeted range of prospects throughout the world. We can help develop a market-driven pricing structure for your content based on its marketability. We will even act as your agent—to sell, invoice, and collect payments on your behalf. And, of course, Sheridan ably reproduces that content—as an article reprint, an ePrint, or a custom publication.

Your Advocate; Your Authority: License and Permission Management

We can broker license agreements for translation and republishing of your foreign editions, turning the royalties over to you. We can even manage your entire permission program (articles, figures, tables, graphs), extending author permissions to reuse content, and grant rights to republish it.

Copyright Registration – Let Sheridan Handle it for you

Our convenient service includes data entry into the United States Copyright Office website, and submitting journals to the Library of Congress. We handle all application fees upfront, and invoice all copyright processing fees together with the corresponding application fees back to you.

Ask about this powerful, unique, and lucrative service today!