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SECUREVID™ Branded Secure Videos

Publishers: Offer High Value, Secure Video Content to Targeted Audiences

Video abstracts, instructive videos, and video tutorials are rapidly gaining acceptance as highly effective platforms to reach vital target audiences in fields such as medical, pharmaceutical, and education.

When content carries value, it’s important to protect and secure that content. This is certainly also true of video content. Until now, publishers haven’t had a way of distributing stand-alone video content securely. Sheridan’s digital rights management (DRM) technology and proprietary cloud environment is changing that.

Introducing SecureVid™, Sheridan’s solution to host, distribute, and manage secure, branded video files for publishers. The principle is based on that of Sheridan’s industry-leading M3™ Mobile ePrints, article ePrints delivered in a secure DRM environment that the publisher establishes based on desired access settings.

Monetization Opportunities, View by View

New opportunities for additional revenue await. Studies show that video breaks through, commands attention, and conveys information more effectively than other mediums – particularly if the video is visually appealing and succinct.

The results of a clinical trial or efficacy tests, for instance, when delivered by a researcher or scientist and accompanied by supporting visuals, enhance impact and recall. Similarly, an educational tutorial in video format offers provides an image that can be easier to mentally process and recall.


Publisher Branded Videos Publisher controls security settings: permissions,
# of views, etc.
Features a simple PLAY button Publisher can monitor views by time and use
Basic volume controls, full screen or smaller Publisher has access to full usage reports
Not downloadable unless publisher approves Sheridan hosts, distributes, protects videos
Sunshine Act compliant Publisher can monetize vital content
Mobile and Desktop friendly Speed to market
Sheridan proprietary DRM No-touch DRM, cloud-based redundancy


Simple Process, Secure Results

The process is easy, with Sheridan. All it takes is uploading your mp4 video(s) through our secure FTP portal and providing your branding requirements and security/viewing selections. Sheridan will upload your video to the cloud, brand it, add descriptions, and the viewing settings that you choose. We deliver your SecureVid™ link, and host and maintain it for the agreed upon timeframe.

Give Your Clients the Power of Video

It’s an increasingly digital world. Your clients may achieve significantly greater access to their busy educators, physicians, or scientists with video that their audiences can watch at their leisure vs. the challenge of securing an in-office presentation. Video abstracts can be sent to target audiences prior to annual conferences. They can be posted to websites, shared on social media, or any number of options. But, publisher, YOU are always in control of the access.