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Publication List & Subscriber Services

No-Hassle Subscriber Services? Absolutely.

Why tie up your staff’s valuable time when Sheridan has an experienced team of professionals and a multi-tiered offering to give you just the right level of service?

In addition to saving you time, what will our Subscriber Services mean for you?

  • Personalized Service: a dedicated team; YOUR team.
  • Experienced Staff: professionals.
  • Dependability: on-time delivery.
  • Accuracy: attention to detail; no more mislabeled mail.

Let us help you choose a Level that Fits:

Auto correct addresses, standardize All SILVER services All GOLD services
Postal presort via PostalSoft Desktop Mailer Subscriber file conversion Personalized customer service
Mail label & container/sack tag generation Subscriber list maintenance Subscription revenue management
USPS certification, postal presort documentation Subscriber mail, claims, and back-issue processing Credit card merchant services
Subscriber correspondence/renewal program administration Cash reporting
Subscriber database reporting

Finally, rest easy knowing that Sheridan utilizes professional internal mailing services – you will always have the benefit of the maximum postal discounts.

Sheridan Subscriber Services. Solutions. Delivered.