Create Author Proofs Fast with eGalley™!

Sheridan’s exclusive eGalley automated page layout system integrates with our EditExpress™ workflow to create author proofs within 24 hours of copyediting being completed.

eGalley leverages the latest publishing technologies, including web submission, Unicode support, and an XML-based workflow for streamlined and structured input into Adobe InDesign. The eGalley workflow supports a wide range of STM journal layout requirements:

  1. Automated and dynamic figure placement
  2. Display and inline equations
  3. Automated table formatting and placement
  4. Special character integrity using Unicode and ISO entities
  5. Automated insertion of author queries

Output Options

The XML-based workflow means simplified file preparation and submission for online journal hosting—including generation of SGML or XML—to a variety of DTDs, including the NLM DTD.

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