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Cut Journal Copyediting Time by 30%!

EditExpress is a significant time-saver at the initial stage of journal production. Whether you choose to give the task over to us, or use our tool-and-send workflow to allow your in-house copyeditors to apply EditExpress, you will love its simplicity, speed, and accuracy.

Problem Material – No Longer a Problem

Do your authors supply tabular material as images, PDFs, Excel files, or even tabbed “pseudo-tables”? Our operators will convert them and normalize your manuscripts for copyediting.

The Beauty of EditExpress

Automated features include:

  1. Programmatically applies your journal style preferences
  2. Customizable search-and-replace functions to match your editorial style
  3. Automated bibliographic reference restructuring
  4. PubMed and CrossRef validation and linking
  5. Two-way citation and reference matching
  6. Numbered citation conversion and citation order checking
  7. Citation and reference renumbering

Tools for copyeditors include:

  1. Quick access to most common special characters in Microsoft Word
  2. Customized quick insertion of most common and repetitive author queries
  3. Automated table styling and formatting

Accuracy. Delivered.

Copyedit and generate your online or print journal files simultaneously with EditExpress. Contact your sales professional today!