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The View from the Hidden Corner

Excerpted from PubFactory Q4 2018 newsletter, Spotlight.

As a hosting platform that is part of a company that provides not only a complete suite of journal production services but also a complete book and journal printing business with its own set of publishing services, we think we are in a unique position to develop our platform to enhance and extend that service offering.

We are working to develop into a company that can provide a full suite of content services for our small and large publishers of various profiles, including:

  • Manuscript submission and peer review
  • Author services, including OA fee collections
  • Production
  • Editorial and composition services
  • Content management
  • Online hosting
  • Print and content distribution

A central repository that holds the content and then performs the transforms and provides the interfaces that are needed through the product life cycle will be at the heart of an end-to-end service offering.

Publishers will be free to pick and choose which services and functions make sense to take advantage of and which are better retained in-house. Ultimately, we want our publishers to focus on acquiring and developing the best content, while we complete the work necessary to ensure maximum dissemination and discoverability while also providing a perpetual content store. We think that Hoard may grow to be an integral part of this strategy over time.

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