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Shout it From the Rooftops: The Power of Multichannel Publishing

Sometimes, it really is okay to toot your own horn. You have interesting thoughts and a unique perspective. And as such, your content deserves to reach as many people as possible. The best way to do that: multichannel publishing.

What is multichannel publishing?

Multichannel publishing is the process of placing the same piece of content on multiple platforms to maximize your reach. These platforms may include websites, print publications, social media platforms, email, audio, and video. The content should be tailored to meet the needs of the platform; a blog post, for example, will look different from an Instagram caption. In any format or channel, the primary message will remain the same.

Why is multichannel publishing important?

Multichannel publishing is a crucial component of any marketing strategy. You’ve worked hard to create a thoughtful and engaging piece of content, so why not get the most out of it? By publishing on different platforms, you will:

  • Reach a broader audience. You could (and should) post content on your blog, but what would happen if you added that content to your Facebook page and LinkedIn profile? More people would see it. Before publishing a piece of content, it is important to consider who your audience is and which platforms they use most. Are you trying to reach policy makers who are interested in scientific breakthroughs that benefit society? Are you trying to reach medical patients interested in the latest medical treatments? Think through your options and cater your content to each to reach a wider audience effectively.
  • Create brand awareness and recognition. We’ve all played the game where you are shown a brand’s icon and asked to name the company. And we instantly recognize Nike’s swoosh; Amazon’s smile; and Apple’s, well, apple. These companies have worked hard over the course of decades to build brand awareness. Each time you publish consistent content across multiple channels, you, too, are building brand awareness that will drive not only recognition, but customer loyalty as well.
  • Enhance user experience. The goal of multichannel publishing is to meet consumers where they are. If they are on Instagram, be present there. If they prefer LinkedIn, create engaging posts on that platform. If they frequent your website, offer valuable resources and fresh ideas there. Showing you have considered your clients as you create and publish content will only increase their loyalty and satisfaction with your brand.
  • Be prepared for future changes in media platforms. We all know how technology works — the second you get used to one platform, a new one comes along. But with a robust multichannel strategy, you will already be skilled at tailoring content to different platforms. This type of marketing prepares you to be adaptable, creative, and ready for change.
  • Improve your ROI. It takes a consumer at least three exposures to your brand before they become a customer. And that means you need to reach them in several different ways, at several different times, before you gain their trust and loyalty.

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Tips for Multichannel Publishing

We all want our brands to be as successful as Nike, but how do we get there?

  • Create strong content. Consider your customer base — have their interests evolved in recent months or years? What challenges do they have? What resources would be most helpful? Don’t fall into the trap of creating content just to create content. Be sure to add genuine value to the conversation.
  • Choose the channels you think will be most effective. You do not have to publish your information across all platforms. Think strategically, especially if you spend money to promote and advertise your content. Where is your customer base more active? Publish there.
  • Organize and coordinate your channels. Create systems that will help you track each channel and piece of content you publish. You want to be consistent across all channels.

Now that you better understand the importance of multichannel publishing, revisit a recent piece of content you’ve created. Where did you post it? How effective was it in engaging your audience? Is there another platform on which you could post it again? Experiment with various channels to determine which work best for your company. And then shout your incredible work from the rooftops!

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