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Sheridan’s Fast-Track Book Production Solution

It’s hard to deny that 2020 was a rollercoaster of a year. People spent a lot more time at home, and entertainment became more home-based as a result. One of the positive effects of all this time at home was that overall book sales were very strong in 2020. Outlets that report to NPD BookScan saw print sales in 2020 rise 8.2% over the previous year — the largest annual increase since 2005. With print continuing to be the preferred book format, and the ongoing consolidation within the publishing industry, it’s no surprise that print schedules are getting longer.

But long lead times aren’t ideal when the market is primed for sales. If a release date is moved up or an unexpected book signing opportunity arises, a typical print schedule might not work. At Sheridan, we recognize the importance of timely publishing and therefore created a fast-track production platform for softcover books.

Hop on the Fast-Track

Sheridan’s Fast-Track program is designed to get you printed books in a hurry, while still providing the quality and service you’ve come to expect and trust. Our streamlined production process targets print runs from 200 to 5,000 copies, in a variety of stocks and trims. Fast-Track uses an interactive price scale to expedite both the quoting and printing process. Whether your print job specifies offset or inkjet printing, perfect-bound or saddle-stitch binding, black only or full-color text, Sheridan can deliver your softcover books in expedited time.

Contact your Sheridan or KGL representative for a consultation or visit our contact pages ( Sheridan contact page / KGL contact page ) to learn how we can help streamline and simplify your publishing processes.

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