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Sheridan: A Century of Growth

letterpressMore than 100 years ago, an entrepreneur in Hanover, PA rented a corner of a downtown building and bought a single letterpress to produce a magazine about breeder chickens. From that humble beginning, the company now known as Sheridan has been in continuous operation in print and related services for the scholarly publishing community.

Today, Sheridan is just as dedicated to quality print as ever, offering web, sheetfed, inkjet, digital, and POD options to meet the changing needs of scholarly journal and book publishing communities. It recently added two more digital presses to its Hanover, PA, digital press facility to keep up with demand for the unique capabilities that digital printing provides.

The newest acquisitions

Sheridan has been growing its digital capabilities since its purchase of one digital Kodak press in 2003. The most recent acquisitions, an HP PageWide T240HD Color Print Inkjet system and an HP Indigo 12000 B2-format digital press, expand their digital printers to seven.

Figure 1 – HP PageWide T240HD Color Print Web Press
Figure 2 – Magnum InLine FlexBook Finisher
HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press
Figure 3 – HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press

The HP T240HD is the second such model at the facility and is equipped with a new Magnum InLine FlexBook Finisher. The Indigo 12000 is an upgrade for the facility, and is used to print book and journal covers, effectively doubling cover capacity and output.

Digital printing advantages

Digital printing offers journal publishers several benefits over inkjet, offset, or web printing, depending on the print project. Digital printing, typically suited to runs from 1 to 100, eliminates the need to create printing plates, so it is faster to set up and, consequently, less expensive. It is also the best option when you want a zero-inventory solution and want to print only as needed.

Together with Sheridan Select, Sheridan’s central product management system, publishers can order and manage their printing projects, whether they want one copy or 5,000. Sheridan Select is a smart system that understands your systems and business rules to better deliver according to your specific needs.

If you would like to explore the advantages of digital printing and other ways to streamline and lower costs for your printing needs, contact the experts at Sheridan Press.

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