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The Beauty of Sheridan BackIssue Express™

shipping backissue expressBack-issue and single-copy fulfillments have historically been headaches for publishers. They must print enough copies to fulfill subscriptions, plus predict back-issue orders. In addition, they need to store the extra copies in warehouses until they are used to fulfill back orders, with unused copies going to waste. It’s time-consuming and racks up expensive storage and waste disposal fees. But it’s not the only option anymore. For publishers who’d like to minimize back-issue fulfillment tasks, reduce warehousing costs, and more, Sheridan BackIssue Express could be the answer.

What is it?

Sheridan BackIssue Express is an automated back-issue fulfillment service. It provides an easy-to-use web interface for processing requests for journal back issues. It also integrates with other business systems to process orders. These ship from the Sheridan warehouse when physical inventory exists. If not, orders are routed to the Sheridan Select Print-on-Demand (POD) production process to fulfill orders. With BackIssue Express, publishers no longer need to print large overruns and store them until they ship — or until publishers decide it’s no longer cost-effective to keep a title’s back issues.

Other features and benefits

In addition to managing back-issue orders, the BackIssue Express interface allows publishers to view and set physical copy inventory thresholds so they don’t have to worry about running out. The interface also provides a look into real-time order production and order tracking and can provide data-driven or web-based order support.

The program provides monthly transaction statements as well as order histories on titles and customers, further simplifying publishers’ order fulfillments. And to ensure customers’ orders are filled promptly, the solution offers a standard three-day turnaround for back-issue fulfillments from inventory and a five-day turnaround through POD. Also, publishers using BackIssue Express have the ability to analyze and adjust print runs for efficient initial prints for each title.

Manually answering issue requests, processing orders, attending to customer service, and shipping can be time drags on publishers’ staffs. By implementing Sheridan’s BackIssue Express, your customer service professionals can focus on acquiring subscribers — instead of answering back-issue requests.

Contact your Sheridan representative for a consultation or visit our contact page to learn how Sheridan experts can help streamline and simplify your publishing processes.

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