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Sheridan Academy – Our Edge in Career Development and Employee Satisfaction

Sheridan is realizing a dream come true in the creation and launch of Sheridan Academy — a professional career development program built to invest in our employees, no matter what vocation or path they choose within the Sheridan companies.

Some time back, Sheridan envisioned a future where every employee could receive standardized, high-quality training and a well-defined career path to ensure their success. That vision is now a reality across the Sheridan locations. The symbiotic nature of the program sees seasoned employees taking the trainer role while trainees expand their knowledge and capabilities within their own or other departments, and even develop into trainers or mentors themselves.

Our senior-level employees can enjoy the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge, not only as mentors, but also as architects to the development of the curriculum. For those coming up through the ranks, the program will allow for a structured approach to learning on the job, which will expedite careers and improve the company’s overall capacity and capability. We strongly believe that the success of the Sheridan Academy Program is critical to our future. It empowers employees and foregrounds THEIR success.

As remarked by Joe Dunlap, Sheridan Director of Training & Development, “Our facilities are rich with experience and pride in doing quality work, with a deep appreciation for the venerable art and craft of printing. The Academy lets us harness the best of our talents to groom and develop those new to Sheridan and possibly even new to the world of printing, making everyone in the program stronger and more successful. Our future is bright!”

No longer “just another job,” a career at Sheridan underpinned by Sheridan Academy gives employees a clear path to a meaningful and rewarding vocation on a number of levels. Unique in our industry, the Academy truly is the Sheridan advantage.

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