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SecureVid™ for Secure, High-Quality Video Content

If anything, the global pandemic accelerated an already exploding trend that showed video content predominating the consumer market. This year, 82% of all online content will be consumed via video. Medical, pharmaceutical, and educational organizations are increasingly leveraging video abstracts, instructive videos, and video tutorials to reach vital target audiences.

But the digital security of this content is  a growing concern. Video content is valuable, so it’s increasingly important to protect and secure it. Until now, publishers haven’t had a way of distributing stand-alone video content securely. Sheridan’s digital rights management (DRM) technology and proprietary cloud environment are changing that.

How publishers can monetize with video

Today, publishers are growing increasingly aware of the newfound opportunities to extend beyond ePrints to embrace video. There are plenty of studies showing how video breaks through the online clutter and demands the attention of your readership. This is particularly true if the video is both succinct and visually appealing. Video builds the visibility of your publications in new, engaging ways. Imagine clinical trial results being delivered online by a researcher or scientists with supporting visuals in a video environment. Educational tutorials can become more engaging, appealing, and easier to understand and recall later on.

Ultimately, better visibility equals more revenue. That’s the concept behind Sheridan’s SecureVid™ product. While video gives us a rich way to engage with a target audience within the video ecosystem, publishers still need a cohesive strategy to take advantage of the technology without getting burned by a data breach.

The key to a cohesive video content strategy for academic publishers focuses on three core building blocks:

  1. Access to premium on-demand content
  2. The ability to customize
  3. Ease-of-access in a user-friendly product

But how can academic publishers capitalize on these three goals without compromising security in the digital environment? The key to success when using video to monetize academic content is to build these core strategies on a solution with a proven track record of providing a user-friendly experience, combined with the security and control you require.

That’s the whole idea behind SecureVid™.

SecureVid™ features and benefits

The SecureVid™ platform allows Sheridan a secure cloud infrastructure to host, distribute, and manage your video files. The platform’s core features began with Sheridan’s successful launch of the M3™ Mobile ePrints product that delivers ePrints in a completely secure, customizable, on-demand model. Some of the features of the application include:

  • The ability to upload your video content for storage within a secure cloud environment
  • Easy navigation with a simple Play button to review or access content
  • Basic volume controls and a full or reduced screen
  • Content not downloadable unless publisher-approved
  • Sunshine Act compliance
  • Mobile and desktop friendly — works well across browsers and on any digital device
  • Sheridan’s DRM tool for access control

The benefits of the SecureVid™ platform include full publisher controls of permissions, views, and other security settings. Powerful analytics allow publishers to track the number of views, time, and more. The publisher can quickly upload and monetize important content without worrying about security, distribution, or hosting.

How SecureVid™ works

It’s easy to brand and protect your valuable video content to ensure it reaches only those who should view it. All it takes is uploading your mp4 video(s) through our secure FTP portal and providing your branding requirements and security/viewing selections. We will upload your video to the cloud, then brand it and add the required security measures. As always, you select the viewing settings. Sheridan delivers your SecureVid™ link via email, and we host and maintain your video for the agreed-upon timeframe.

Contact your Sheridan or KGL representative for a consultation or visit our contact pages ( Sheridan contact page / KGL contact page ) to learn how we can help streamline and simplify your publishing processes.

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