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Case Study: PubFactory’s CXS Editor Solution for De Gruyter

In May 2017, Sheridan was thrilled to announce its acquisition of PubFactory from O’Reilly Media. PubFactory is a full-featured online publishing platform. This acquisition strengthens Sheridan’s ability to support publishers through every phase of the publishing cycle — from content preparation to online hosting — and to solve business challenges through the PubFactory platform.

De Gruyter PubFactory partnership


De Gruyter launched on PubFactory in 2011 and is a prime example of a client who has leveraged the platform technology to tackle a long running business problem. Specifically, De Gruyter engaged with PubFactory to bring together their siloed journals, books, and database publishing products as well as their marketing content.

De Gruyter successfully executed their content consolidation strategy and launched more than 1,000 journals, 40,000 books, and several databases on PubFactory.

The consolidation of De Gruyter’s content on PubFactory allowed for cost savings, deeper integrations across content types, and a greatly improved user experience. However, that was just the beginning of De Gruyter’s use of PubFactory to take greater control of their publishing operations. The CXS Editor is one of the most recent examples of how De Gruyter is gaining business benefits from PubFactory.

Benefits of the CXS Editor

In 2015, the PubFactory team delivered the CXS Editor module to give publishers greater control over:

  • The presentation of their editorial content that they had been seeking
  • Establishing integrations with third-party services like Kudos, ORCiD, and TrendMD
  • Their platform development schedule

“The CXS module goes beyond just allowing publishers to change colors and move page elements by allowing them to actually code alongside PubFactory developers,” said Tom Beyer, Director of Platform Services for PubFactory. “That said, not all publishers have staff with software coding abilities, but those who do, like De Gruyter, can add to the platform code without waiting in a development queue — saving both time and money.”

To learn more about how both De Gruyter and Oxford University Press (OUP) have optimized the benefits of PubFactory technology through use of the CXS Editor, view a brief video of a webinar presented earlier this year here.

Empowering publishers

The CXS Editor is just one of many examples of Sheridan PubFactory responding to publisher business needs by delivering maximum flexibility and “getting out of the way.”

Other examples of PubFactory modules developed to empower publishers include:

  • The Layout Editor that allows non-technical publishing staff to adjust page layouts using “drag and drop” widgets on configurable page templates — no coding expertise necessary!
  • The Design Configurator that also requires no coding expertise and enables non-technical staff to refresh the look and feel of their sites through branding, and coloring updates. A handy feature of the Design Configurator also allows for previewing appearance of the site across desktop, tablet, and mobile device screen sizes.
  • The SiteGen module that allows publishers to launch new sites in as little as two hours — also wholly manageable by non-technical publishing staff. No coding necessary.

“Our mantra is to, wherever possible, build platform capabilities that free our publishers from unnecessary dependence on our staff — when appropriate — and allow them to quickly make changes to their sites as needed without anyone on the PubFactory side being a bottleneck,” affirms Beyer. “And delivering cost savings to publishers is an added bonus!”

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