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New Year, New Synergies: A Smarter Workflow for STM Publishers

New Year, New Synergies, Smart Workflows…

The combined services of sister companies KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. (KGL) and Sheridan have never been more effective or made so much sense. STM publishers looking to simplify and streamline journal production workflows can do it simply with one clear, one-stop choice.

KGL’s premier offerings span an array of solutions to fit every front-end need — journal/product management, copyediting, composition, rights & permissions, accessibility, translations, PubFactory hosting, and so much more — not to mention industry-leading editorial and peer review support.

And because KGL and Sheridan work beautifully in sync, you’ll realize a seamless manuscript hand-off that takes minutes, not days, through compatible smart systems.

Sheridan — respected in the scholarly publishing community for exemplary customer service, breakthrough production workflows, and the highest-quality outputs — handles not only print and distribution, but also ecommerce platform development and subscription management, as well as automated back-issue and print-on-demand fulfillments.

Don’t just imagine the benefits of having one publishing partner and completely integrated content services, publish-ahead-of-print, and print production processes. It’s here, it’s effective, and it’s yours with sister companies KGL and Sheridan.

KGL and Sheridan.
A totally winning combo, offering the only truly end-to-end content solution in the industry.