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Manchester University Press to Migrate All Books and Journals to Sheridan’s PubFactory Platform in 2018

manchester logoSheridan PubFactory is developing an online hosting platform for Manchester University Press that will bring together all of Manchester’s books and journals, vastly improving the accessibility and support for institutions and the user experience for readers.

Simon Ross, CEO of Manchester University Press, said: “PubFactory services and technology will allow Manchester University Press to directly control and manage the growth of our publishing program. They understand the needs of both our books and journals, and can fully support a smaller publisher that by necessity needs thoughtful, creative solutions that are cost-efficient.”

Sheridan’s José Fossi, VP of Client Services for PubFactory, agrees: “We are excited to add Manchester University Press to the growing list of university press publishers hosted on PubFactory. And more than that, we’re thrilled that Manchester will make the most of PubFactory’s support for both books and journals as part of their content integration strategy. This is an important step in growing usage and ease of access. We see many publishers heading in this same direction.”

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The PubFactory team has been developing and delivering scholarly publishing technologies since 1999. The PubFactory platform has been adopted by a diverse and prestigious group of publishers including Oxford University Press, Harvard University Press, Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group, Brill, and the International Monetary Fund. Today, the PubFactory platform is host to over 1,400 journals and over 400,000 books, along with reference works, databases, and other content types, making it the only truly content-agnostic platform and service provider in scholarly publishing.

If you would like to know more about PubFactory and its growing array of services, contact your Sheridan representative for a consultation or visit our contact page to learn how Sheridan experts can help streamline and simplify your publishing processes.

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