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Journals Go … Audio?

Moving to a podcast format today may seem a bit like gathering an attentive audience around the radio even though there’s a perfectly good television in the next room. And yet podcast audiences are strong and growing stronger. If you’re not crafting podcasts for your journal audience, you’re missing out on a great way to engage with your readers and share valuable information in a convenient format.

Digital Journal Podcast

Put a voice behind your written content

Podcasts are prerecorded programs, usually audio-only, that users download from the internet to listen to on their devices.

Podcasts have come a long way since their origin in 2004. Quality has drastically improved, and listeners no longer look down on podcasts as the lowest level of the broadcast spectrum. In fact, they are wildly popular with today’s media consumers. Here are a few reasons why journal publishers should consider taking advantage of the platform’s popularity.

  • Podcasts provide a more personal way for publishers to connect with their subscribers. When publishers host podcasts on popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts, they expose their content to new audiences.
  • Production and distribution costs are low.
  • Podcasts provide a great platform for interviewing experts on specific topics.
  • Publishers’ passion comes through in their voices, which demonstrates authenticity and builds trust with audience members.
  • Regular, consistent podcasts keep journals top-of-mind for consumers.

woman listening to podcastFor readers, it’s all about convenience. They don’t have to set aside a block of time to focus on reading. They can listen on their daily commute, during a morning jog, or while grabbing a bite to eat. And subscribers don’t have to do anything: When users subscribe to particular podcasts, the newest episodes download automatically to their connected devices upon release.

Better together

Podcasts are the perfect complement to print or online journals. They can provide additional, more in-depth information to compliment journal articles. Publishers can provide more background about the research tools and methods researchers used as well as the triumphs or challenges they encountered. Publishers can also interview authors or other experts on myriad topics and get time-sensitive information to subscribers faster.

If you’re not yet offering these little audio gems, take a listen to see what you and your subscribers are missing. With thousands to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding something that interests you: Simply add “podcast” to your next online or app store search. The app you choose for listening will also likely offer a directory — and you have many apps to choose from, depending on your device. Android, iOS, and online users can use any number of free or paid apps.

So, listen up! Podcasts have a lot to offer journal publishers and their readers.

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