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Introducing KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd., the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Content Solutions Provider

The journal publishing community is buzzing over CJK Group’s recent acquisition and merger announcement, which has resulted in the formation of a new content services powerhouse — KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd (KGL). In September, our parent company, CJK Group, acquired Cenveo Publisher Services and Cenveo Learning, and made the strategic decision to merge these businesses with Sheridan’s existing content and technology divisions, Sheridan Journal Services and Sheridan PubFactory. The result? One company completely focused on the content business, offering the most complete breadth of editorial, production, and online hosting services for every stage of the content lifecycle.

What this new company means for you

Merging Sheridan’s content and hosting services and Cenveo’s content and elearning businesses will deliver a unique, synergistic solution to the marketplace; something that our customers will value. Cenveo Publishing Services has held a leading role in technology solutions for journals and academic books, bringing to the table services and expertise with regard to peer review management, composition, editorial, media, creative design, accessibility, and rights and permissions. Sheridan Journal Services has long been known for high-touch composition and editorial services, proprietary technology solutions, and exemplary customer service. Cenveo Learning brings dynamic, consultative elearning solutions to the mix, with K-12 publisher and corporate learning platforms as well as immersive experiences. And Sheridan PubFactory has achieved enthusiastic acceptance and growth among publishers in the online hosting arena. The combination truly yields the best of all worlds in one partner.

KGL + Sheridan; delivering at every phase from content creation to distribution

Sheridan’s industry leading print services round out the picture. Indeed, as a CJK Group company, KGL will draw upon the capabilities and services of the Sheridan print facilities across the country to deliver a true end-to-end solution to journal, book, education, and magazine publishers alike.

Of the newly formed company, CJK Group CEO Chris Kurtzman commented, “The combination of these two organizations, both of whom have strong reputations and venerable histories, will create an important new entity within CJK Group, positioned for growth while delivering value for customers.”

KGL President Atul Goel added, “KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. is poised to be the premier industry provider of editorial, production, eLearning, and hosting solutions. Powered by advanced automation and delivery platforms like Smart Suite and PubFactory, KGL unites wide-ranging talent and over 200 years of experience to offer a true end-to-end content delivery platform.”

To read an insightful interview with Atul regarding the formation of KGL, click here.

A global footprint, a global presence

With locations in the U.S., UK, and India, KGL is well positioned to serve global content providers from end to end. KGL continues the commitment to uphold the high standards for content production and distribution that each of the previous businesses provided, serving as a trusted partner to all existing and future clients. Join us in welcoming KGL to the family!

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