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GDPR Update from PubFactory

GDPR compliance was a huge push for all of us in Q2. All PubFactory clients received an upgrade to a new version of the platform that included the necessary work ensuring GDPR compliance.


Most of this was back-end work to ensure that we were not storing personally identifiable data (PID) and that we had the capability to remove a person’s data when requested, but there were a couple of front-end updates that were completed as well. In particular, the login process was updated, privacy statements were updated, and a new section was added to personalization to allow users to see their personal data and download it. The data is divided into categories that can be downloaded separately.

The following categories are supported:

  • Identify Data
  • Saved Searches
  • E-commerce orders
  • Annotation data
  • Email Alerts
  • Subscription information
  • Request Logs

EU general data protection screenshot

We expect there will be some follow-on to finish up and more fully automate aspects of PubFactory’s GDPR support, especially around the capability to automate the deletion of user data.