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CJK GROW: CJK Group’s Online Supervisor Training Program

Last August, Sheridan and KGL’s parent company, CJK Group, launched its GROW Learning Management System (LMS). The GROW LMS standardizes training across the entirety of the global company. For our customers, this set of online best practices will ensure a higher level of consistency and customer satisfaction.


When you’re a global company with dispersed teams and diverse holdings, standardizing corporate best practices is incredibly difficult. In late summer 2021, CJK Group launched a secure, customized learning management platform to bring the whole company together with an organized, replicable training process called GROW. GROW offers a blended program featuring six mandatory online modules in a self-service format accessible to everyone in the business.

Each module uses reading, videos, knowledge checks, activities, scenario-based roleplay, classroom instruction, and testing. The six modules include:

  • Leadership skills for supervisors, managers, and the C-suite.
  • Preventing discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
  • Coaching to improve employee performance with SMART goals.
  • Communication skills, both interpersonal and in group or presentation settings.
  • Conflict resolution, crisis communications, and crucial conversations to resolve workplace issues.
  • Interviewing skills (i.e., how to conduct a great interview).

The GROW LMS rolled out with much fanfare and was widely recognized as the glue binding CJK’s corporate holdings together under one aligned workforce standard.

Goals and benefits of CJK GROW

With the inception of CJK GROW, the organization recognized creating a consistent curriculum for every business unit is imperative to systematizing goals and our approach with every client. The LMS allows supervisors one hub where they can access training information and resources whenever they need it. It’s a particularly useful tool for reaching across time zones and geographic boundaries to meet the training needs of the entire company.

From the GROW LMS hub, supervisors can create standardized reporting to provide greater long-term insight for each arm of the business. They can also assess employee training needs through workplace surveys and fulfill those needs with additional training modules. The benefits of this new program are extensive, including:

  • A more effective training program to improve customer care and develop more effective leaders.
  • Opportunities to learn new on-the-job skills and practice using those skills — a key component of successful online training.
  • A fun interactive learning and development opportunity.

Key to the program is its custom design. CJK designed their LMS platform from scratch to create a customized, intelligent, and user-friendly tool and enable all global locations to standardize their training tools and processes. The platform’s key requirements for meeting CJK’s goals included:

  • 24/7 cloud accessibility.
  • Visibility into supervisor performance.
  • Tracking and reporting to meet compliance goals.
  • Organization of all learning in one hub.
  • Scalable to provide unlimited learning opportunities.
  • Reduced cost of training with standardized processes.

The GROW LMS represents a significant investment in internal improvement from a global leader in the publishing field. We offer our clients solutions for a changing world, and GROW is designed to help the CJK Group family – and therefore our clients – meet these goals in a more unified and productive way.

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