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Every now and then some of us want a quick update on where the Google Glass initiative stands. With all of the recent publicity surrounding smart watches (Samsung and Sony are releasing new versions this fall), Google Glass news may have taken a (very) temporary backseat. But, let’s face it, who really wants de-featured phone apps in a wrist watch when they could be seeing the future in front of their very eyes!

Google seems to be betting on the ultimate acceptance of Glass as the optimal wearable device. Below are a couple of links that provide some up-to-date insights on this controversial technology.

LA Times reports on the reception Google Glass wearers are receiving in pubic:

Layar produced a fun little video demonstrating some of the app features Layar may be betting on to make the Google Glass most wanted apps list.

And, if you are really curious go ahead and shop Amazon for a pair of your very own!

Google Glass

More to come, assuredly.