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It’s been a great decade for the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors, otherwise known as ISMTE. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the society held their 2017 North American Conference on August 10th and 11th in Denver, CO. And now, without further ado, let me share my top takeaways:

  1. ISMTE is Growing.
    While still a relatively young society, the ISMTE has experienced remarkable growth in membership, now totaling over 1100 members worldwide. Likewise, the annual conference has matured into a solid program, merging practical editorial office operations with hands-on workshops and professional industry perspectives.
  2. EON is Online.
    ISMTE also publishes a well-regarded monthly news magazine, Editorial Office News, or EON. The August issue also marks the launch of the new EON digital edition. Sponsored by Sheridan, the digital issue can be viewed on all browsers, tablets and phones, and the mobile app is available from Apple’s App Store or Google play for offline reading.
  3. It’s All about Networking.
    ISMTE has long been the source for networking, education, and training in the best practices of the editorial office. Now, beginning its eleventh year, ISMTE continues to expand its role as a resource for the managing and technical editing community. By joining ISMTE, you have the resources to reach out to other like-minded professionals to stay productive and engaged.
  4. Today, Trust in Science Requires Diligence.
    Keynote speaker Trevor Butterworth launched the meeting with a discussion of communicating trust in science. With fake news being proclaimed in growing circles, it behooves scientists and those who report science to step up our game and report statistically significant events rather than headline generating numbers.
  5. Peer Review Workshops.
    True to its mission the ISMTE conference also features practical workshops for all major peer review systems, including ScholarOne, eJournal Press, Aries Systems, and Elsevier EVISE.
  6. Key Sessions on Advanced Excel, Copyright, and Fair Use Provided Practical Applications.
    In what has become a staple of the conference ISMTE hosted a class on mastering Excel – advanced tips and tricks for users while other workshops focused on copyright, fair use and their impact on publishing agreements.
  7. Sheridan colleagues Mike Hepp and Vicky Congdon presented sessions on new web-based publishing production tools and copyediting best practices for editors.
  8. Great Topics, Good Discussions, Notable Speakers.
    We were fortunate to have some great plenary sessions with highly regarded speakers. Jennifer Lin of CrossRef and Martyn Rittman discussed the ethics of preprints. John Sack of Highwire Press, Jody Planck of ACS and Don Samulack of Editage provided news and notes on the universe of scholarly publishing. Joerg Heber, EIC of PLOS ONE closed our meeting with a view of where open access has come and how it is defining open science in future publication models. The conference also featured a number of relevant breakout sessions on career development and honing your presentation skills.
  9. The Annual Conference is Fun.
    There were nearly 200 attendees joining us this year in Denver, but the conference still retains a very intimate feel. It’s not a stuffy conference, and everyone’s approachable. There’s lots of conversation and learning going on, and it’s fun too.
  10. My Most Important Take-Away: Don’t Miss Out.
    So if you’ve read this far, and did not attend the North American Conference this year, you have a few more opportunities. Future conferences include:

    • the ISMTE 2017 European Conference held in London (November 9–10, 2017)
    • the third annual Asian-Pacific Conference held in Singapore (March 27–28, 2018)
    • the next North American meeting returns to the east coast in Baltimore (August 2-3, 2018)

Mark your calendar to attend one or all of the upcoming conferences. See What ISMTE can offer you!