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Journal article ePrints are common currency in today’s online content environment. But only one platform stands out above all others for secure content delivery, problem-free access, and exceptional navigation and viewability. Sheridan’s proprietary M3 Mobile solution.

Scholarly and STM publishers with high-value content want and need a better way to deliver content – a solution that doesn’t discriminate based on the mobile device type; one that sails right through antivirus and firewall blocks; a solution that lets readers easily share content through their preferred social media platforms. M3 delivers, and offers so much more. Publishers have real control over distribution and detailed usage analytics. Readers enjoy unimpeded content discovery.

The M3 difference means problem-free, secure electronic content delivery. M3 Mobile is backed by Sheridan’s M3 Monitoring System, which delivers articles for viewing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. M3 Mobile monitors articles by time expiration and usage, offers several renewal options, and provides the publisher with a customizable email notification system and access to real-time reporting. M3 Mobile is not hampered by firewalls and it won’t get caught up in antivirus software or violate end-user privacy.

M3 Mobile PRO or M3 Mobile NAV? Your Choice!

Journal publishers can choose one of two M3 Mobile formats that best meets their readers’ needs: M3 Mobile PRO and M3 Mobile NAV.


  • responsive design
  • retention of the printed page format
  • web and email hotlinks
  • scholarly article quick links
  • print, share, and bookmark features
  • PDF and offline publication download
  • audio/video active viewer embedding

M3 Mobile NAV:

  • custom formatting for small devices
  • simple text view with navigation
  • Web, email, and reference links
  • print, email, and PDF download options
  • audio/video active viewer embedding

We do believe that M3 Mobile represents the very best option available to STM publishers when it comes to delivering secure, responsive ePrints. To learn more, contact your Sheridan sales representative.